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“How often do you start off an experience with high expectations only to have them be exceeded?  We got everything we asked for and more from our Brew Hop tour.  We researched several options before deciding and it was readily apparent that Summer knew her field as good or better than any of the competitors.  It wasn’t enough that the basics were covered – car showed up on time, minimal waiting at our destinations, exemplary courtesy by all staff…  Once we started our tour, all of our additional questions and requests were taken care of immediately.  Coming from the Bay Area, we considered ourselves craft beer enthusiasts/geeks and Summer was able to provide the insight into the San Diego beer scene that we were after.  We came to San Diego to find out the background of new beers that we had only tried, fill in the connections to some of the names we actually knew and most important of all, experience new beers/stories that we hadn’t even heard of.  What or who Summer didn’t know directly, she was able to introduce us to someone who did know.  She was able to discern our tastes and recommend new beers and styles that completely wowed us.  I have no doubts that this is the best beer tour in San Diego and would not hesitate to recommend them to novices and self-proclaimed experts alike.”

Cheers, Steve Calderaro

“I did a bit of research before we left and chose Brew Hop. It was incredible. It is totally personalized – you talk to them ahead of time, tell them what you are interested in (I had chosen a list of breweries) and they tell you what they recommend for the 5 hours based on location and what you want. They pick you up at your location in a Lincoln Navigator with a limo license so you can drink in the car. They know the industry backwards and forwards. We had Summer as our guide – she was incredible. She made sure we had water everywhere we went and had munchies for us as we did not want to stop and eat. She made excellent recommendations of other places to go on our own. She was totally in tune with what we wanted and made awesome beer suggestions. We ran into her at another tasting room the next day and chatted some more. She was a great tour guide and a REALLY nice person. Anyone interested in sampling the San Diego beer scene should SERIOUSLY consider Brew Hop. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Cheers, Cindy Jansohn

“Hi Larz,Thank you so much for the photos, and for taking us on the Brew Hop! We both had a fantastic time and learned a lot. :) I’m sure we’ll plan another Brew Hop in the future, and I’ll definitely be recommending it to friends. I hope you had a great weekend as well, and hopefully we’ll see you and Summer around the neighborhood! Thanks again!”

Megan, Brew Hop guest from San Diego, CA

“Hi Summer, We loved the tour! We are still trying to find a reason/or group so we can go again. You guys are fantastic. We thought Larz would just drop us off at the breweries. We didn’t realize he would take us in and give us the complete tour and beer brain dump. It was awesome! I hope you are doing well and that business is booming.”

Jessica, Brew Hop guest from San Diego, CA

“What a pleasant surprise! Thank you very much for a very unique and enjoyable experience. Larz is very knowledgeable and passionate about the craft brews in San Diego. When we wanted to add more people to our group at the last minute, he was very accommodating and flexible. He arrived to pick us up in a fancy car and let us enjoy our own beers in the backseat with an iPod hookup to play the tunes we wanted. It was a blast going behind the scenes to see how the whole brewing process works! To top it all off, he e-mailed us pictures of the whole experience. Thank you.”

Brandon, Brew Hop guest from San Diego, CA

“You rock, thank you so much for everything!!! We had a blast, now only if we could remember the ride home, lol. Seriously, did we pass out? I have a new respect for beer and will be supporting our local breweries from here on out. Lost Abbey was definitely my favorite and worth another visit! My Dad keeps asking when I’m going to cook ribs in the Smoked Porter, can’t wait to give that a try. We will definitely be back for another Brew Hop in a few months, you can count on that. I have never done anything like that before and had such a great time! We already have others very interested in coming along. I cannot wait to do this again!!! Thanks again – cheers!”

Jennifer, Brew Hop guest from San Diego, CA

“Hi Larz, It was amazing to go on a tour with you – you seriously know your stuff, and it’s really exciting to now know that the San Diego brewing community is so friendly. We really enjoyed hearing about the local breweries’ beers and all the other little details you provided. It was fun to meet Tomme too and try out the lambic beer! Thanks again for a fun tour and following up with us! We hope to see you again soon and wish you the best with BrewHop. It’s a great idea!”

Lillian & John, Brew Hop guest from San Diego, CA

“It is a pleasure working with Summer Nixon and Larz Watts of Brew Hop. We always enjoy the new guests they bring to us and their help in promoting not only our beers and brewery but the local San Diego Brew Scene. The guests are always enthusiastic about their “tasting and tour” plus they bring in guests who are now “regulars”. Summer and Larz are always professional, prompt and communicate their needs well in advance which provides a well rounded experience for both the guests and our restaurant & brewery. We look forward to many more Brew Hops in the future!”

Claudette and William Mannix: Owners, La Jolla Brew House

“We at Stone Brewing Co. have had the pleasure of working with Brew Hop for approximately two years.  Over the course of this time Summer Nixon and Larz Watts have consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence in customer service, reliability, and providing the highest quality experience to their clients.  Brew Hop is also a licensed carrier registered with the California Public Utilities Commission and, according to PUC representatives, is in good standing with the agency.  It is therefore without any reservation whatsoever that I highly recommend Brew Hop as an outstanding tour service for people wishing to experience the very best of San Diego’s craft brewing venues.  Should you have questions in this regard, or if I can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact me any time.”

Ken Wright: Brewery Tours & Promotion, Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens

“Thank you so much for our tour! Too bad we couldn’t have done the full tour, which would be a blast! You guys are doing a terrific job and we want to provide more opportunities to grow Brew Hop….Sincerely”

Brian Hileman: Membership Manager, San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau

“Hi Summer and Larz- Thank you so much for the wonderful tour. I’ve been bragging to all my friends about the beer tour! Not only telling them how cool it was visiting the different breweries, but also explaining the different processes of brewing to create a unique flavor in each……Take Care”

Liz Doyle: Operation/Promotions Director, ABC Radio Networks – Dallas, TX

“Last October we celebrated our 20th anniversary so I planned a surprise trip to San Diego for us.  Okay, so the surprise was really just for my husband, since I was planning it.  Being that our passion is craft beer, San Diego, is sort of our Mecca on the West Coast.  I contacted Summer at Brew Hop and they set us up with a customized, personal brewery excursion.  We hit Green Flash, Alesmith (on barrel-aged Speedway Stout release day), and Lost Abbey.Summer and Larz went above and beyond hitting Alesmith earlier that week in order to acquire our release tickets for the Speedway Stout.  We got to Alesmith with only a few minutes to wait for our numbers to be called.  For anyone that has waited in line at Alesmith on special release days, for tickets, and then waited in line for your ticket numbers to be called, you know what a sweet deal this was for us!We had a great time, Summer was awesome!  I would do this again in a heartbeat!  And I would recommend it to all of my beer loving friends. The personal brewery tours were a great chance to actually get to talk to the brewers, themselves, not just the “tour guide”.  Fun!”

Julie M.: Brew Hop guest, Eagle River, Alaska

“We took a trip with Brew Hop last weekend and it was the BEST!  I reserved the tour for my husband’s birthday as a surprise and they were very helpful.  Summer and Larz are very enthusiastic about beer, they are a great company and it felt like we were riding around with our friends.  It was a very personalized experience and one that we will never forget!Once we got into our fancy car they introduced the tour to my husband, we visited four breweries and San Diego Brewing Company was our favorite.  We met the brewer Dean who was very excited about his work and took us on a short but very intriguing tour of his brewery.  Then we sat with Summer, Larz and Dean for about an hour and chatted about all the different beers that he makes and the new ones that he is working on.  We had never thought about beer in this way before and it was a very unique and fun experience!  Of course everything is more fun when there is beer involved!San Diego has a great selection of breweries to meet the needs of any brew lover.  The beers were full of flavor and covered the full spectrum from light to full of hops.  We plan on doing another tour with a group next time.  I think it would be great for any special celebration.  Try it out! You will love it.”

Sara S.: Brew Hop guest, Los Angeles, CA

“What a Hit!  The Brew Hop Team helped make my best friends bachelor party a huge success.  They took a bunch of guys (too old and too married for strippers) on the brewery tour of a lifetime.  We started the day in style with a limo ride right from home.  We hit Ballast Point Old Grove Brewery, Green Flash, Lost Abbey and ended the day at Stone Brewing Company where the team arranged for our dinner reservations. This is a must for any true craft beer lover!”

John C.: Brew Hop guest, San Diego, CA

“Last December, my wife took me to Temecula with some friends for a surprise birthday trip. Imagine my delight when a limo pulls up at our hotel, and instead of the normal wine tasting tour, we head off to local micro breweries to taste the best of San Diego!. Summer and her team handled all of the details perfectly. I would highly recommend a beer tasting tour with Brew Hop – it was fantastic. Dave from Hermosa Beach”

Dave B.: Brew Hop guest, Hermosa Beach, CA

“Summer, the Brew Hop was awesome!! Thank you for such a wonderful party. I had such a great time!!!”

Sheryl M.: Brew Hop guest, San Diego, CA

“Larz, (the) Brew Hop tour was legit and I want to thank you for the great trip and great start to a drunk Saturday/Sunday.  Your company and service is top-notch and will be able to tell all my buddies about the experience we had.  My Dad even enjoyed the trip as a light beer drinker and could not stop asking when we could come back to San Diego.  I really appreciate the great trip and it was an amazing experience.   The hotel was awesome and located in the perfect area.  Dinner was great and we drank more STONE brews and then the night only went up from there….. We’ll stay in touch and thanks for the pics, they look great and I appreciate you taking those. Also, thank Summer for me and tell her thanks for answering all my questions and good luck to the both of you with your great business.”

Steve A.: Brew Hop guest, Monterey, CA

“Dear Summer, I can’t believe two months have passes since our tour! Where has the time gone? … The other groomsmen that were unable to make the tour sure wished they had made it after we told them how much fun we had! We all agreed that our visit to Alesmith was the highlight with the personal tour given by Peter and the autographed bottle he gave to Joe as a wedding gift.There were many aspects of the tour that made it stand out from just having a designated driver taking us on a brewery-hopping outing. We didn’t have to worry about how much time to spend at each brewery or determine how long it would take us to get to a brewery. The private tours and the reserved passes on Stone’s public tour are things we could never get on our own. We didn’t have to fight the crowd at Green Flash or Stone for our tasters–you got them for us. And with you getting our tasters at Alesmith, we were able to spend more time listening to Peter! About two weeks ago we went to Pizza Port after the Sour Festival at Stone and had to grab our own table after some people left. Both Joe and I asked each other “Where’s Summer to get our table for us!”We all hope to take more Brew Hop tours in the near future, both in San Diego and Los Angeles when your L.A. tours start. Our wives plan on joining us next time! Thanks again for our fun tour!

Ryan Q.: Brew Hop guest, Redondo Beach, CA