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Sprouted barley that is then kiln-dried. The type of malt determines the level of sweetness in the beer.


A cereal grain converted to malt that is one of the basic ingredients of beer.


Natural, aromatic herbs that provide the level of bitterness in beer and act as a natural preservative.



An aromatic brew that is usually more full-bodied and bitter than "regular" beer produced from top-fermentation.


Old-style dark german beer, very similar to ale.


A strong, dark, heavy beer originally brewed in the fall as a winter warmer.

Cream Ale

Usually a blend of layered beer and ale.


Bottom-fermented beer that has been "lagered" (stored or aged) at near freezing for a few days to several weeks, depending upon the brewer. Most American and imported beers are lagers. Lagering improves both the taste and stability of beer.

Extra Special Bitter (ESB)

Full body, strong, hoppy, and amber in color.

Light Beer

Lager beer brewed to have lower levels of calories. They also generally have lower levels of alcohol.

Malt Liquor

A Lager beer brewed to have high alcohol content.


Hand crafted, made with only traditional ingredients without chemicals. These beers are brewed and aged slowly to allow flavors to come through.


Medium maltiness, high hop bitterness, and gold in color.


A type of lager beer, generally meaning light in color and relatively light in taste.


A style of dark beer that was popular in England two or three centuries ago. It resembles a blend of dark ale and stout.


A very dark type of Ale that is extremely malty in tast and slightly bitter, made using roasted barley malt.

Wheat Beer

Medium-body, cloudy or clear, fruity and spicey - low in alcohol.

Draught Beer

Traditionally meant to be a keg beer, but now also packaged.